CNC Services

Computer Numeric Control is a computer controlled routing/drilling/shaping station. This state-of-the-art machinery is well suited for jobs that require high levels of precision, creation of very complex shapes, and for  repetitive jobs that require anywhere from “one-offs” to hundreds of identical parts. CNC technology offers exacting control to create intricate and repetitive millwork with tolerances of as little as .005 of an inch.



How is it done?
CNC Services - Curved Round MoldingIncorporating curves and angles is easy using CNC. Once the specifications for a wall or cabinet are executed, a schematic or drawing is created. The design is broken down into individual sections or components, influenced by transportation logistics, efficiency of assembly, and economy of material. The individual components are then ”nested” onto multiple sheets of plywood, veneers and solids for programming. Our CNC programmer specifies tool sizes, feed rates, depths of cuts, and coordinates (written in a programming language known as “G Codes”) specific to our controller and machine.



The Layout Template
Using a layout template speeds installation and minimizes errors by representing the actual final size of the assembly. Any revisions and/or modifications can be easily made prior to the final programming and cutting.

On-Site Assembly
Once all the checks are completed and uponWeb Site 023 signed approval, the actual cutting begins. In this photo, a Shoe Wall at Estelle’s in Farmingdale, NY, hundreds of components were shaped, routed and drilled in just under 2 days, and as each section was completed it was test-assembled in the shop, sanded, and finished. The wall was then disassembled and packed for transport to the job site where it was reassembled over the layout template. Final finishing, installation of lighting and of the glass shelving completed the project.